Wendy has had experience working with existing teams and with newly formed teams.

Existing Teams

In working with existing teams, Wendy particularly enjoys using proven assessment tools to help the team understand the various work styles that make up the team.

Through engaging workshops, Wendy can assist the team in seeing how the differences that the team members bring to the table actually strengthen the team and improve their work products.

New Teams

Wendy also enjoys working with teams that are newly forming to accomplish a specific goal.

Wendy can lead the newly-formed team in:

  • Developing a charter
  • Identifying the scope
  • Ensuring the team has the right skills and sponsorship
  • Developing a project plan and key milestones

Regardless of the type of team, Wendy can ensure better results for the organization by fully engaging all members.

Testimonial from Bob Brandel,
Wendy is very action biased. Wendy is not one to call a team meeting just for the sake of a team meeting. She is all about getting things done and
Bob Brandel, Sr. Director, Briggs & Stratton